Age & Ideas

I’ve seen this a lot in the south Asian community, but it might be equally prevalent in the western world too.

A great debate is on and boom – “Listen, I’ve been around since before you were born.. I have more experience, I know people better than you, I understand things you can’t even begin to grasp.. Blah.. *puke*… Blah…”

All I’ll say is –

When Windows was launched, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (co-founders of Google) had just turned 13 & Mark Zuckerburg was still in his nappies.

The age factor in this context truly is as bad as – “Do you know who my dad is?”

Rabies & Men

When there is a rabid animal going around town, you don’t stop going out, you shoot the animal.

Curtail the freedom of men.

If they can’t control themselves, why should a woman think twice about her rights of freedom?

Let no two or more men be allowed outdoors after 7pm

No stag entry in clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, vet clinics (you never know)

After 9pm, all men must be accompanied with a female relative

Let ‘househusband’ be a word in the Oxford dictionary

This is just a start, but the list could go on.

Can we take a stand for Women?

No polio cases registered in India in a year. India’s name removed from the WHO list of countries plagued with the disease. Great achievement, but is this enough?

Children are the future of a nation, but they do still come from women. In a country where women are not only disrespected, but brutally raped, hit and killed for dowry, the next generation might be saved from physical illnesses but will be mentally diseased.

What will a son learn from the mother being tortured at home? That it is okay to pick up a woman and rape her? Either way, the leaders of our country also say if a woman is carrying a mobile phone, attack! And if she’s wearing short clothes, it’s your birth right to do as you please with any woman. Being out after sunset is also somewhere there. Continue reading

Simple Life – Happy Life *cheeeeeesseee*

Every generation says the best music was when they were in school/college. I think what they mean is the best music was the music they heard when they were in school/college. It’s the age when every song mostly feels like it was written for you or in a minority of cases, someone you know really well. From the pet fish to the love of your life – there was a song (at least) for everything.

I was hearing one such song and I realised that one of the most common things I hear is how simple life was through school and college. How everything was so relaxed and we just thought it was the end of the world for no good reason. How life now is so complicated – family, work, money, relationships, petrol, money, bills, politics, money.. and the list goes on.

Fact is – life’s good! Life’s simple! Simple means happy! Continue reading

Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Us

Amy Winehouse’s tragic demise has filled the internet with reports of her drug problem with lots of publications talking about the number of times she let her intoxicated self take over. What is the point of it though? Can we not just remember her for her music? Instead of talking about how bad her “problems” got, why not learn and and be more supportive to the ones around us? An addiction is an addiction. Period. Weed, cigarettes, orange juice, chewing gum, it’s all the same.

People don’t choose to be a victim. That is what addiction does to us, makes us a victim. When Amy Winehouse performed in Belgrade and apparently booed off stage, news was rife with her unprofessional behavior. All I thought whilst seeing a clip from that performance was how could they let her go on stage in that state? The huge team which must follow her, was there no one who wanted to protect her? If she was not supported at a moment like that, what must have happened closer to the end? Tweets about how her demise is not surprising, how she’s joined “Club 27” like it’s in vogue! Really?
Was everyone around her so busy with their own agendas that no one could hold the reins on her well being? It wasn’t the first time someone was fighting addiction. Continue reading