Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Us

Amy Winehouse’s tragic demise has filled the internet with reports of her drug problem with lots of publications talking about the number of times she let her intoxicated self take over. What is the point of it though? Can we not just remember her for her music? Instead of talking about how bad her “problems” got, why not learn and and be more supportive to the ones around us? An addiction is an addiction. Period. Weed, cigarettes, orange juice, chewing gum, it’s all the same.

People don’t choose to be a victim. That is what addiction does to us, makes us a victim. When Amy Winehouse performed in Belgrade and apparently booed off stage, news was rife with her unprofessional behavior. All I thought whilst seeing a clip from that performance was how could they let her go on stage in that state? The huge team which must follow her, was there no one who wanted to protect her? If she was not supported at a moment like that, what must have happened closer to the end? Tweets about how her demise is not surprising, how she’s joined “Club 27” like it’s in vogue! Really?
Was everyone around her so busy with their own agendas that no one could hold the reins on her well being? It wasn’t the first time someone was fighting addiction. Continue reading