Can we take a stand for Women?

No polio cases registered in India in a year. India’s name removed from the WHO list of countries plagued with the disease. Great achievement, but is this enough?

Children are the future of a nation, but they do still come from women. In a country where women are not only disrespected, but brutally raped, hit and killed for dowry, the next generation might be saved from physical illnesses but will be mentally diseased.

What will a son learn from the mother being tortured at home? That it is okay to pick up a woman and rape her? Either way, the leaders of our country also say if a woman is carrying a mobile phone, attack! And if she’s wearing short clothes, it’s your birth right to do as you please with any woman. Being out after sunset is also somewhere there.

What about a daughter? Well, not much learning for a daughter, because all her dreams and hopes will be squashed at a tender age. So it will be alright. She’ll know she should sit at home and do as she’s told by the men around her. Even if it’s an uncle raping her.

I could go on and wouldn’t add anything that’s not already been said. My question is this – the way TV was flooded with ads to fight polio, with all the big names from the film industry, can the same be done for women’s equality? Can anyone and everyone who matters run and support TVCs asking the people of India to support women’s equality? Directing women in need to a national helpline number? Letting men know they will be punished for harming women?

If it can happen with polio, can we go a step ahead and save the women who mother these kids?

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