Simple Life – Happy Life *cheeeeeesseee*

Every generation says the best music was when they were in school/college. I think what they mean is the best music was the music they heard when they were in school/college. It’s the age when every song mostly feels like it was written for you or in a minority of cases, someone you know really well. From the pet fish to the love of your life – there was a song (at least) for everything.

I was hearing one such song and I realised that one of the most common things I hear is how simple life was through school and college. How everything was so relaxed and we just thought it was the end of the world for no good reason. How life now is so complicated – family, work, money, relationships, petrol, money, bills, politics, money.. and the list goes on.

Fact is – life’s good! Life’s simple! Simple means happy!

The good thing about being an adult is that you know what matters and what doesn’t.

Growing up, everyone was either a “best friend” or the “worst enemy”, there was very little middle ground between the two. Sometimes family meant more (rarely for most teenagers) and sometimes the starry eyed love. Sometimes the boards were the end of the world and sometimes all hell could break loose in trying to get that one bottle of beer. It was all just extremely messy with, let’s face it, not much direction for most of us!

As for life now, it’s good! You want money? Work well. Don’t want it – don’t work. Don’t like your job? Go and change it – time’s still on our side. Love your family? Stay with them. Don’t? Then don’t! That friend still annoying you? Don’t meet him. Whether you want lassi or beer – you know what is good for you and what isn’t.  So simple!

And when everything is simple, there is no stress. No stress means peace. Peace means happiness!

So if you’re not happy – you still haven’t grown up. Simple! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Simple Life – Happy Life *cheeeeeesseee*

  1. sarif says:

    simple life means wen u follow the universal thoughts whcm is not created by us r some else ,where v go n meet any body amgalment wit them ,and wen u leave exposing attiude then only v simple life

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