Ads, India & A Little Outside

When I came to England a little over two years ago, I thought it would be a new beginning. New people, new life, new challenges and victories. Everything worked out as plan, except of course the people aspect. You know there are too many people from your home country when you bump into them on the streets. With that of course comes the usual string of quintessential Indian problems. Let’s not get started with those in this blog.

There are over 30 million NRIs and PIOs. This of course does not include all the students going out of India for studies every year. Neither does this include the vast number of people of Indian origin outside India who do not have PIOs, etc. but simply have the foreign country’s passport. They are however more connected to India than the average Delhite or Mumbaikar!

So bottom line, we are everywhere. And our love remains about the same – cricket, Bollywood and general entertainment channels. Why are TV channels then still focusing all their attention only on broadcasting on tv and giving the Internet a royal ignore? About a year ago, I would have said that everyone knows about Google Ads (video & text). Now I know better than to make such statements. Well Google Ads is there  and it’s targeting is very specific. Channels should recognise this and capitalise on the Internet market. It’s not easy anymore to stick to scheduled timings to watch tv. Everyone wants to see things at their own time and pace. Everyone will not get a tv package, because they want to just watch that one show. So let them! Because if you don’t, a pirated version isn’t hard to find.

The increasing rate of Internet and smartphone penetration in India, with these already established for Indians living abroad, consumers should be able to buy seasons of TV programmes online itself. For all those who think online ad sales will not compensate enough, let the consumer pay to watch specific series. Then, if you have a good product, the consumers will come back to purchase / rent more and more series.

Before anyone thinks I’m just marketing Google, well that is a great platform, but there are other options such as Netflix, Lovefilm and of course iTunes. Or like Eros and Rajshri did, host your own websites. Only issue, they don’t have good websites. They are utterly slow with miserable search! One would go on the site specifically looking for an Eros or Rajshri production and there is no clicks due to general browsing.

India makes some great ads and there is a large sum of money which changes hands due to advertising. There is great potential in the online market for both Indian audiences settled within the country and outside. All that needs doing is shaking them up together now!

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