St. James’s Park, London

Affection or Animosity?

Power Yoga?

Let the games begin.


Fast & Furry
The forbidden fruit turned everything blurry.

Closing in on a traffic jam.

My Love for Walking & India’s Culture

I love walking. I love walking fast, much to the annoyance of all my friends. I guess I walk fast because I’m trying to compensate for running. (I can however win an Olympic race, because once I start running, everyone competing with me will be on the ground, rolling with laughter). My issue with walking, however, is that I can walk from point A to point B. No matter how much the distance, as long as there is a need that will be fulfilled by reaching that point, I’ll walk. (Which actually also doesn’t let me stroll, again to the irritation of my friends.)

So to stay healthy, I keep telling myself that I should go for a brisk walk at least once a day. It happens every fortnight finally. I just came back from one and as I was on my way back, I was wondering how I can add purpose to the walk. I have a lovely golden labrador at home in India and thought to myself how it would be great to walk her on these wide footpaths. I am fortunate to live in a lovely part of London and just wished my dog was here to inspire me to walk. Then made a mental note to myself that whenever I go home, I shall walk her myself at least once every day. (And I mean walk, not taking her out to do her business.) Continue reading

Second Thoughts about Google+

I love Google. I have loved it since I read the Google Story years back. What I loved about the business model at that point of time was the lack of advertising and marketing employed. They adopted the product concept – just develop and build a bloody good product which will solve a problem and people will come to it themselves. Google didn’t start out with the intention of becoming a part of everyone’s lives like it has now, it just simply wanted to perform good search.

Since Google+ launched a little under a month back, I have been trying to convince anyone and everyone who’s listening to make the transition from Facebook. I have been reading a lot of blogs and articles about how Google+ is IT. Most of the clippings I find on Google+ itself. However, I am getting just a little bored on that platform now.

There are a few fundamental flaws with of G+ which it should have addressed yesterday. Continue reading