Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Us

Amy Winehouse’s tragic demise has filled the internet with reports of her drug problem with lots of publications talking about the number of times she let her intoxicated self take over. What is the point of it though? Can we not just remember her for her music? Instead of talking about how bad her “problems” got, why not learn and and be more supportive to the ones around us? An addiction is an addiction. Period. Weed, cigarettes, orange juice, chewing gum, it’s all the same.

People don’t choose to be a victim. That is what addiction does to us, makes us a victim. When Amy Winehouse performed in Belgrade and apparently booed off stage, news was rife with her unprofessional behavior. All I thought whilst seeing a clip from that performance was how could they let her go on stage in that state? The huge team which must follow her, was there no one who wanted to protect her? If she was not supported at a moment like that, what must have happened closer to the end? Tweets about how her demise is not surprising, how she’s joined “Club 27” like it’s in vogue! Really?
Was everyone around her so busy with their own agendas that no one could hold the reins on her well being? It wasn’t the first time someone was fighting addiction.What scares me is that it’s not only the ones with fame who seem to be the target.

Let’s get realistic, people in their 20s who smoke weed or hash on a daily basis is no small number. Family and  friends are oblivious to it, unless it’s the friends who smoke with them. I have heard ample stories about how weed is supposedly healthier than smoking a cigarette, how it’s natural, how hash promotes creativity, how xyz artists wrote their best music under the influence of some or the other potent drug, how it’s Goa and everything should be experienced. They don’t even like when I use the word “drug” for weed and hash. They think I’m being too harsh. They say they can’t get addicted and simply compare it to drinking alcohol. But is it really?

A glass or two of wine won’t send me into hallucinations and a dozen packets of cigarettes won’t make me  want to jump off a balcony because I suddenly felt like flying. I won’t even get into the debate about the how it can damage the brain and the body. There will be enough users who will tell me I’m wrong and how they are just fine. All I’m now simply wondering is that is your real life so bad that you need to enter the world of hallucinations on a daily basis for some respite? Is remaining in your senses for prolonged periods of time just too harsh?

One thought on “Amy Winehouse, Drugs and Us

  1. Nikita says:

    Hey just read this one now.. one of your best works I think, really well written.
    but can I say a few words about the content?

    Talking about Amy Whinehouse, great music, we all do remember her work, she was honored on ample number of music shows, awards and many great artist paid tribute to her. But honestly speaking she wasn’t forced into it, the drugs, alcohol, the works, nobody held a gun to her head. She chose this for herself, to an extent that we can say she chose to die. I know it sounds harsh but that’s the reality, why feel sorry for a person who didn’t really care? the tabloids were filled with her rehab trips and her attempts at staying sober you think most of this was done on her own accord? it was the people around her, who did care for her? in the end all it does is gains you more publicity, add an album to this recipe and you win yourself a Grammy. So why stop?
    Same happened to Whitney Houstan recently, she was an extraordinary artist, one of the best. in the end its not addiction that does this to you. I feel Its the attention.

    You contradict yourself in the end when you say two glasses of wine won’t make you hallucinate like hash or weed. Try 4 or 5 glasses. An addiction is an addiction right, be it chewing gum or LSD? it not what kind it is.. it’s the quantity. and a dozen packets of cigarettes will damage your body, your teeth, your hair, your nails, your throat, and your lungs.
    People just need an escape every now an then, what you and I could relate to as “alone time” they just replace it with an indulgence.
    Now all I am saying is, its not that our real life is bad, its just that people always end up wanting more, what nobody realizes is, that after you get that more you want some more and at the end of that more the person is just so lost and alone that he/she doesn’t even know what they want any more?! look how I made a poem out of it.

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